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I find Camp Video interesting in that it is a pretty shady company and the history is a bit hard to track.

That being said, I noticed that on the archive...


In the past year I've noticed more tapes with typical "sticky shed" symptoms, or just refuse to rewind/play/fast forward in any machine. Some of these tapes...


In the wild or on Ebay/Amazon.

I find it interesting on various message boards and social media sites that some folks refuse to pay $10 for any tape (...


Looking to buy or trade for one. I have tons of VHS tapes to trade.


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[quote=CalzoneManiac]How in the hell can one find Star Wars 1982 rental for 50 cents like my friend...[/quote] I did the online equivalent of that, I snagged a...
Posted: 02/11/17
How the NFL conspired to hand the Patriots another Super Bowl (just kidding, sorta). Why its nearly impossible to find a working CED player that someone will sell...
Posted: 02/11/17