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I have an ADV Trailer video labelled for Trans World In-Store Trailer Video.

Only thing remotely similar I have found was one with the same cover art but...


I have a copy of this on VHS

No case, just the tape

No listings on Ebay

Googles comes up with Film Board of Canada, VHS and Laserdisk were...



I just got a large haul of VHS tapes and am sorting through them for good picks. I came across a bunch by a company called Full Service Entertainment...


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ty that is what I was kind of assuming. I was pretty excited to see it in this box of tapes.

Posted: 12/12/16


It is soft core porn. That much I know. But all the versions I see on ebay have black tapes. trying to figure out if the red one is worth more...

Posted: 12/06/16

That is what I was thinking.

Posted: 11/02/16