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The title sums it up.... or have I just not spotted a way to do such?


Prospero's Books
The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb
Prehistoric Bimbos in Armageddon City

I have a rule of not spending over $3 for a VHS so I...


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They've been making some changes 'round here, now the form posts don't recognizes the return key... or some such thing. So for now we just have to make long run-on...
Posted: 02/19/17
Also looking for Crazy People (1990 Paramount), Network (any version mgm/ua), Twenty Bucks (1995 Sony)
Posted: 02/17/17
These are ten of the movies I would never part with: Ralph Bakshi's Wizards, Pterodactyl Woman from Beverly Hills, Amazon Women on the Moon, The Kentucky...
Posted: 02/15/17
I would if they weren't hard shell rental cases...I usually avoid them for aesthetic reasons. Still, what would you be asking for storm riders? P.S.: Your link...
Posted: 02/15/17
Local thrift store had a sale today! The Lone Ranger:The Lost Episodes (Goodtimes 1997) Daniel Boone: Trailblazer (Goodtimes 1990) Marooned (Goodtimes 1988...
Posted: 02/09/17
I'm kinda' lookin' for The Island as well... I'll let you know if I find anything.
Posted: 02/09/17
I read an article about this a few years back... I don't remember the source and can't seem to find it, but it was theorized that this release was bootlegged and...
Posted: 02/06/17

My curiosity has gotten the better of me and I have to ask, why these companies and not specific tapes?

Posted: 02/06/17

I have been told many times to not use the rewind function of most VCRs. That it wears out the motor or some such thing... and that it's better to fast forward...

Posted: 01/20/17