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Autopsy (Mimsy Farmer, Anchor Bay Collector's Edition in clamshell)
Nightmare Weekend (Troma, Lightning Video ex-renter)
Tomb of...


Offering for FS or FT (Trading for VHS only. Don't currently have a Betamax):

The Cars, Live 1984-1985 (Vestron MB 1018). This is an uncommon title on...


I have a couple of VHS tapes I'm interested in trading or selling (for $2 each plus postage).

Titles are:
Private Hell 36 (Ida Lupino, Spotlite...


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Betamax. I dont have a want list yet but will look at trade lists. Mostly interested in offbeat, cult, horror, etc

Posted: 01/08/17

Thanks but those arent my cup of tea. Looking for film noir, horror/exploitation, cult, etc. If you're interested in purchasing one or both, let me know.

Posted: 01/08/17