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Like the title says. I didn't see a similar thread anywhere else. So I figured I may as well post this here in the "Anything Else" thread.

As for me, I...


What trailers are on your VHS of Shocking Dark (Alienators)?

And if anyone's going to post anything irrelevant, it would be best to stay on topic.


Does your Spanish VHS of The Clown Murders feature a Viacom logo at the end? I see it on the cover.



Look, I'm sorry I made that one thread calling you out. I never should have made it in the first place, even if it address a semi-important matter at the same...


Does your Starmaker VHS of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (Jeff Goldblum) have a Viacom logo at the end?



For communication for various users, there ought to be a private messaging feature for various users to communicate between each other.

I also think that...


When you add in a tape without trailers, it is strongly suggested for you to put in "There are no trailers on this release" as opposed to "There aren't any...


I've noticed that many Paramount VHS tapes that are submitted on this site have their runtime missing. It can be located on the top of the box or on the tape...