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What is a good VCR DVD combo unit? I know a lot of them don't exactly have the best reputation but still. Thanks!


What movies can you think of that have scenes set in video stores? Whether they are set in mom & pop stores or a chain store does not matter.


I hope it's okay to bring this particular topic up, but one field that I, and sure a select amount here have as well, is working with old computers. I have a few...


Does anyone know if the original Media Home Entertainment releases have the New Line Cinema logo intact? New Line acquired the film for a re-release in 1978....


This may seem like an unusual request, but I'm trying to find the Forum Home Video VHS of Return to Mayberry. Also wouldn't mind the Canadian Forum/Astral VHS....


Like the title says. I didn't see a similar thread anywhere else. So I figured I may as well post this here in the "Anything Else" thread.

As for me, I...


What trailers are on your VHS of Shocking Dark (Alienators)?

And if anyone's going to post anything irrelevant, it would be best to stay on topic.


Does your Spanish VHS of The Clown Murders feature a Viacom logo at the end? I see it on the cover.



Look, I'm sorry I made that one thread calling you out. I never should have made it in the first place, even if it address a semi-important matter at the same...