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It would be cool if ti was possible to (optionally) enter info on the cut and the running-time for the release that´s entered in the database.

During the...


Howdy Videvores, Is it ok to post porn covers in this database?


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ive noticed that alot of times the taglines are completley different between format releases, theatrical posters, vhs-boxes/releases. what about an optional...

Posted: 07/26/13

It would be nice to be able to add data on certain lables, maybe uplod catalogs, ads and additional info.

Posted: 05/12/13

I would like to see seperate fields for:
Running time
And a separate box just to enter information about the cut, confirmed running time etc.

Posted: 05/09/13

Wow, nice work. It vould be cool with som info on how it all started with Muybridge, lumiere and edisons inventions. And i couldn´t find LD VHD and VCD format on...

Posted: 04/26/13

I check this forum often since i discovered it a few weeks ago. I make bargains once or twice every week, but now summer soon arives and the flee-market, garage-...

Posted: 04/26/13

Personally i like to keep em untuched and in their original condition. I´m into preserving the past, so basicly im doing it for nostalgic reasons.


Posted: 04/26/13

Howdy! love this place, god bless VHS!!!

Posted: 04/22/13