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The last ones I just got are

1) April Fools day - 1986 (Paramount home video (1986))
2) Its a wonderful life - 1946 - First 1983 Media Release...


I would LOVE being able to contact the people who put these movies onto the VHS TAPE but sadly most of them ARE NO LONGER! :(

I have found MANY tapes of...


I am so happy I found this awesome site!!

I am an avid VHS collector.. I am quite picky when i find VHS movies.. I only get ones that HAVE NOT BEEN...


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Oh you mean it isnt known much?

Posted: 01/11/17

I guess the most I have paid so far is $40 or so.......

I was fixing to offer 50 for something that somene has listed for $45,000.00!! (The first emmet...

Posted: 01/10/17

I dunno what happened to my message but Ill repost it......

Why arent some movies in the database here?



Posted: 01/10/17

I last watched FRIDAY THE 13th PART II on VHS :)

Posted: 01/10/17

[quote]Everything that was in the side panels (Search, User Menu, Lists) is now at the top of the page. This allows us to utilize all of the space on the main...

Posted: 08/15/16

Very nice everyone,im glad to see this!!!!!!!!

Posted: 08/15/16

Yes are making it worse for no blasted reason!!!!!!

I just noticed last week the main page had changed... The search box now doesnt show up right on IE6...

Posted: 08/14/16

Welcome to the site!!!

Posted: 04/21/13