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There are many videos in this database that aren't even on IMDb, so it will appear someday when someone adds it. I still have 10,000+ videos to add into it. But...

Posted: 01/11/17

You don't have to do this Robert. The notes are saved. They're just not showing at the moment. I will have the issue fixed ASAP

Posted: 12/14/16

I see the issue now. For some reason, that panel is not showing, but the data is there. I will have it addressed asap

Posted: 12/14/16

Also, not to confuse you guys, I use this site under 3 different user names: 112 Video, Pine Hollow Video and SlasherIndex!

Posted: 07/29/13

Ha, I really appreciate that you, JSpartan, has been submitting a bunch of site corrections. I've made the corrections you suggested. Its better that you use the...

Posted: 07/29/13

This has been considered. What I've been doing is if a tagline stands out to me, I write it in the notes section. We may add another field for it in the future....

Posted: 07/27/13