About Me:

Love action. Love Van Damme. When I graduated college I was selected as the commencement speaker. Anyone who knows me would know that I only care about two things - wrestling and movies. I went up to the podium and gave a 15 minute speech about Van Damme. This was 2013, so it was a little weird. Van Damme is now a DTV star and when he entered it in the late 90s, so did I. It's a special world of non-existent budgets and acting, but where they lack in overall film quality they make up with heart and charisma. I remember watching "Hollow Point" for the first time and just laughing and having a great time. I only knew Thomas Ian Griffith from "Karate Kid 3" and "Timecop 2," but I immediately fell in love with DTV action star Griffith and my world expanded. What else was I missing? This led me to VHS tapes - tons of low budget treasures from the past 3 decades.

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