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Luigi Bastardo is the disgruntled alter-ego of Adam Becvar, a thirtysomething lad from Northern California who has watched so many weird movies since the tender age of 3 that a conventional life is out of the question.

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The Luigi Bastardo Collection

95 releases in collection
Cover Released As Release Year Cat. # Distributor Format Countrysort descending
What the Peeper Saw 1988 1394 Interglobal Home Video VHS Canada
Buried on Sunday 1993 ARV1370 Alliance (Releasing Home) Video VHS Canada
Terminator 2: Tag der Abrechnung 1991 5167 VCL Communications VHS Germany
Aliennators 1991 CAU-04 Caution VHS Japan
El Fantasma del Lago 1987 EV-1025 Eagle Video of the Americas VHS Mexico
El Payaso Asesino 198? 025 Continental Video (Spain) VHS Spain
Striker 198? NONE Films Cuatro (Films 4) VHS Spain
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Shorts, Vol. 2 1999 R3 2692C Rhino Home Video VHS United States
Innocent Prey 1990 NONE Intermedia Video Distribution VHS United States
Fox Style 1986 3139 Magnum Entertainment VHS United States
Beyond Darkness 1992 1510 Imperial Entertainment Corp. VHS United States
Statue of Death 1993 7121 FosBurk Entertainment VHS United States
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Catalina Caper 1999 R3 2685 Rhino Home Video VHS United States
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie 1996 82897 MCA Universal Home Video VHS United States
Lady Grey 1982 TVC 2545 Thorn EMI Video VHS United States
La Revancha de la AK-47: Cuerno de Chivo 199? CF-3082 Cinema Films VHS United States
The Streetfighter's Last Revenge 1982 037 Wizard Video VHS United States
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Pod People 1996 R3 2264 Rhino Home Video VHS United States
The Beast of Yucca Flats 199? AC1001 Anthony Cardoza Enterprises VHS United States
UPC Codes & 666: Beware the Mark of the Beast 1994 NONE Shepherd Ministries VHS United States