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Naked Massacre (1984, Vidcrest) [VHS]
“Set against the hallucinatory backdrop of Belfast, Ireland, a scene of seemingly endless, bloody civil war, NAKED MASSACRE depicts a scalpel-sharp reality based on true, specific events. It is the ultimate, hard-edged film witness of the pure, gratuitous violence of our era.” Read More
Mardi Gras Massacre (1983, VCII, Inc.) [VHS]
“An Aztec priest arrives on the scene to revive the blood ritual of human sacrifice to the Aztec god, Quetzalcoatl. The priest sacrifices three victims considered evil by slicing the hand and the bottom of the foot, and cutting out the heart while the victim is still alive.” Read More
Headless Eyes (1986, Wizard Video) [VHS]
“With an eye hanging down his cheek and driven insane by pain and horror, the artist seeks vengeance on the world - and the sex - that maimed him. He stalks beautiful women through the streets of New York, leaving a gory trail of hideously mutilated bodies that makes headlines and baffles police!” Read More
Trick or Treats (1984, Vestron Video) [VHS]
"This sensational suspense thriller centers on a young boy’s Halloween hi-jinks and a true madman’s thirst for revenge. Next time your doorbell rings, be prepared… because it’s TRICK OR TREATS!" Read More
Terror on Tape (1985, Continental Video) [VHS]
"Come into the Shoppe of Horrors Video Store, the strangest video rental store you’ve never seen on this planet (we hope). You’ll meet the weird store owner and his odd customers… If you only see one scary movie in your lifetime, its got to be Terror on Tape... a video nightmare you can’t erase!" Read More
Splatter: Architects of Fear (1986, North American Home Video Entertainment) [VHS]
"Which side of the camera are we really on? How far will these gut-wrenching effects go? The answer is further than ever before – more graphic scenes of violence, perversion, mutilation and slaughter per minute than any horror feature ever made!" Read More
Poor White Trash 2 (1985, Magnum Entertainment) [VHS]
“They thought a quiet backroads jaunt through the Louisiana bayou country would be the perfect romantic getaway – but this young couple didn’t count on meeting up with the unutterable brutality of POOR WHITE TRASH. Go into the bayou… you may never come out!” Read More
Meatcleaver Massacre (1983, Catalina Home Video) [VHS]
“Jonathan Billings, distinguished professor of the occult, and his family are savagely beaten and left for dead. Only Jonathan survives. While in a deep coma, a portion of his brain calls upon a demon of the occult to avenge the horror brought upon his family. This one is no chopped liver!" Read More
Blood Massacre (1987, 3 Star Releasing (III Star)) [VHS]
“The Parker family is more than they appear to be… they’re cannibals and it’s a blood frenzy as robbers become the hunted in this breathtaking white knuckle epic of the macabre. Beware of rooms for rent and never, never eat the Parker family’s stew." Read More
Sledgehammer (198?, World Video Pictures, Inc.) [VHS]
"No one has dared enter this house for nearly ten years since a young couple from the valley were brutally murdered by a madman with a sledgehammer. No one… until now. Flesh tears, bones shatter… the nightmare has begun!" Read More

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