The Nesting

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The Nesting (1981)

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Additional Information
There was only one thing more terrifying than leaving the house... staying in it.
A house that lives. And breathes terror.

House of the Bloody Poltergeist

The terror that hides inside your mind.

What's outside brings terror. What's inside means death.

An agoraphobic author decides she needs a more suitable environment in which to pen her best-selling Gothic novels and so moves to a decaying Victorian mansion. She isn't there long before she discovers that it is being haunted by a pack of ghostly prostitutes, all of whom died there when it was a house of ill repute. The spirits take over the woman and use her as their instrument of revenge

The film was given a limited theatrical release in the United States by William Mishkin Motion Pictures beginning in May 1981. The film was later released on VHS by Warner Home Video.[1]
The film was released on DVD and Blu-ray by Blue Underground in June 2011

Release Date: May 29, 1981

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