About Me:

I started out collecting tapes because I've always had a fascination with the weird, and with VHS I really don't need to look very far to find the kind of weird I've been looking for. That, and Godzilla. I remember going many times to my local Hollywood Video to rent Godzilla movies, almost always on tape, although some were on DVD. I didn't have Internet in my early days of growing up, so the only way I could see Godzilla movies was through that glorious store. I would always ask if I could buy the tapes rather than rent them. Usually they would say no, but on a few occasions they would let me keep them. I still have those precious plastic bricks to this day. I also remember many odd titles that caught my eye while in that store. Never rented any, but I was always really curious. Now that I'm an adult with a disposable income, I am slowly starting to discover that fantastically weird world of movies I couldn't have experienced back then. Viva Physical Media

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