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- 30 -

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- 30 - (1959)

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Additional Information
Inch by inch a rumor grows into a roar... word by word the teletype starts ticking like a bomb... moment by moment the suspense builds headline-high to a new peak of motion picture excitement!

In just nine hours they put the world on your doorstep.

Managing Editor Sam Gatlin arrives in the afternoon and leaves early the next morning, having put together a morning newspaper for Los Angeles. During the active day in the life of a big city newspaper, Sam and his wife Peggy argue about adopting a child named Billy. A reporter's grandson pilots a military plane from Honolulu to New York. A child is lost in the LA sewers (Gatlin composes a warning headline with picture: "Children Stay Out of These"). And copy boy Earl Collins considers quitting after failing to properly deliver a bet by city editor Jim Bathgate on the sex of children being born to a famous actress. A downpour is occurring during basically the whole movie.

"-30-" is used to signify "the end" or "over and out". It has obscure and unclear origins, but is traditional in the journalism field and is still used to indicate the end of transmitted news stories and press releases and can frequently be found in formal corporate documents posted on websites and delivered electronically or via print.

Release Date: November 11, 1959

Distrib: Warner Brothers


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