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Contact Form Doesn't Work (For Now). Use this Email!
Just to reiterate what was mentioned in passing in the previous news update, the contact form isn't working correctly. In the meantime, please contact me at Read More
VHS Collector Has Not Been Forgotten!
Hey guys! I know the website hasn't be updated in quite some time, but its because various life events made it difficult for me to give it the attention I used to. Yes, its incredibly buggy and I have so many more great scans to add (and you guys probably do too!), but it costs money to get these... Read More
The Early History of Movies In the Home, Part II: The Rise of the Home Projector
Picking up where Part I ended, we begin with the first film gauges developed solely for home use. As film sizes and projectors began to shrink, their accessibility to the public grew, thus creating a global home movies market that would later inspire the home video revolution. Read More
The Early History of Movies In the Home, Part I: Magic Lanterns, Optical Toys and the Kinetoscope
When we think about the early history of home video, most are reminded of the Betamax or VHS cassettes of the mid-1970s. However, movies in the home actually began nearly a century earlier. In part one of this article, we will delve into the early introduction of motion pictures in the home. Read More
How Hollywood Lost Its War With Videocassette Rental
By 1981, most of the major studios had entered the new videocassette marketplace, but in doing so, also waged a war against their rental. In this history article, we explore how Hollywood tried to change the law when they couldn't get the deal they wanted from video rental shops. Read More
Database Will Sporadically Go Down As We Work to Improve It
You might notice on occasion that you cannot search or the tables/listings are empty. This is because we're still working out the kinks in the system. Hold tight! Read More
Follow Us on Instagram to Learn Home Video History! @vhscollectordotcom
For the year of 2020, we'll be uploading all kinds of interesting facts and trivia related to the history of home video at our Instagram account. Look us up at @vhscollectordotcom. We already have facts collected for the majority of the year, so if you're interested, be sure to follow! Read More
Updates and Our Patreon Page
Its been a while since I've given you guys an update of whats been going on behind the scenes. Here's the rundown... Read More
The New York Centerfold Massacre: Demystifying a VHS Legend
In the past few months, original copies of the very rare New York Centerfold Massacre VHS have been popping up on eBay. This sparked my memory, where in 2008, I had a brief correspondence with the director over the original VHS release of the film. Included in this article is a brief update. Enjoy! Read More
Charles Band and His Wild and Crazy VHS Empire
Although most famous for his film productions, Charles Band is yet another uncredited pioneer of the home video industry. In this article, we dig deep into his home video ventures and how he brought some of the most twisted and deranged films into our homes for the very first time. Read More

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