Rules and Guidelines


1) Only upload your own content

Please don’t upload content you found elsewhere on the internet.


2) Use a flatbed scanner

Although not a hard rule, using a flatbed scanner increases your chances of having your images accepted into the database. Using cameras often increase the chances of poor angles, glares, and clarity.


3) Images must be cropped correctly

This means cropping to the edge or several pixels from it.


4) Do not submit a release that already exists in the database

If you would like to submit a better quality cover image, you would have to go through the revisions process.


5) You can submit adult content, BUT it will not become live on the website

We store them for a future site dedicated to that type of content.


6) Do not submit cut boxes

If a video cassette’s packaging has been cut and inserted into a clamshell, it becomes impossible to scan the entire sleeve as much of it becomes missing. Admins and Content Moderators may add cut boxes depending on the rarity of the release. But otherwise, images of cut boxes will likely be rejected.


7) Homemade recordings will be rejected

Don’t submit a tape you made yourself back in 1988.


8) Mass-produced bootlegs are accepted

In the past (and even today), many companies have gotten away with the unauthorized duplication of films for a number of years. If your bootleg comes from a particular label, we will most likely accept it (just remember to indicate that the release is indeed a bootleg).


9) By submitting content, you understand that your images may be used in a publication/video with credit given


10) Do not Photoshop or alter cover art images.

We want the image to appear as they naturally are for archival purposes. Adjusting contrast/brightness is fine, but fixing blemishes or tears could damage the integrity of the cover art.