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Adios Amigos

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VM 4604
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87 mins (NTSC)
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Adios Amigos (1976)

Additional Information

Additional Information
Release Date: 1976

Distributor: Atlas Films

This seldom-seen spaghetti western spoof was a staple throughout the 70s as second half of double features. It came out a year before Pryor hit it big with WHICH WAY IS UP?

Pop Quiz:

Richard Pryor was set to star in another western spoof before this. What was its title?

A comedian that just hosted a big event announced he is making a western spoof as a followup to a hit movie from last year. Who is the comedian and what was the name of the movie in question?

Which Western spoof of the 80s starred an Oscar nominated Best Supporting actor who was nominated in the same category against his costar? Hint: Both lost.


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