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Bad Guys

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Bad Guys (1985)

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Additional Information
Release Date: March 16, 1986

Distrib: Tomorrow Entertainment

Film critics used to get in an uproar when their bad film reviews were taken out of context and used by studios in quotes to sell their movies . This deceit continues till today.

Its worth noting that on U.S.A. Home Video's BAD GUYS box there is a "favorable" quote from the esteemed New York Times emblazoned on the cover.

Ive attached the original NY Times review to judge for yourself.

BAD GUYS did miserably at the boxoffice. In Washington D.C on its opening weekend it grossed $23,000 in 19 theaters according to Variety.

Trivia: The director of this is noted for a trilogy of films of a certain genre. Which genre and can you name the films?


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