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The Cat

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The Cat (1966)

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Additional Information
An adventure to excite young and old... as a boy and beast share an adventure that made them friends forever!

Lost boy and killer wild-cat... somewhere in the woods they would meet!

Toby Dwayne Redlin is an 8-year-old boy whose parents don't believe him when he says he has seen a wildcat. Punished for his overactive imagination, the boy takes off with the animal who is being cared for by the lovable oldster Bill Krim George "Shug" Fisher. Toby sees a rustler kill a ranger, and the boy and the cat are tracked for two days by the murderer before the big cat pounces on the killer to save his young friend in this low-budget adventure aimed at the moppet audience.

Release date: June 1966

Distrib: Embassy Pictures


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