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Cherry Hill High

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Cherry Hill High (1977)

Additional Information

Additional Information
Release Date: June 16 , 1977

Distributor: Cannon

Before Cannon became a big player around 1984, after the boxoffice success of BREAKIN', it made money by distributing frivolous sex comedies like this. Very few of them made it to the urban markets, but in the video boom of the 80s, they were great filler for the major studios.
MCA distributed a few of these on vhs, including the notorious HOT T-SHIRTS , before Cannon got their own label.

Trivia: MCA also distributed on vhs an independent film sec comedy that was a blockbuster in the early 80s and starred a notorious sex symbol. Name this film?

What was this films theatrical distributor?

Who was the sex symbol, and why was she connected as well to Cannon?


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