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Chrome & Hot Leather

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Chrome and Hot Leather (1971)

Additional Information

Additional Information
It's kill or be killed in a cycle gang-war!

Don't muck around with a Green Beret's Mama! He'll take his chopper and ram it down your throat!

This film is notable for singer Marvin Gaye's debut acting performance. In Chrome and Hot Leather, Green Beret sergeant Mitch's (Tony Young) girlfriend has been mortally injured, and just before her death divulges that a motorcycle gang called "The Devils" were responsible. Mitch and his sergeant buddies (including Marvin Gaye as Jim) take military leave and prepare themselves to track down the evildoers by adopting, as best as they can, the appearance of a motorcycle gang: bikes, clothes and all. This results in some humorous moments. They use their army skills in the quest for justice, and The Devils come in for some serious trouble. ~

Release Date: March 20, 1971

Distrib: American international


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