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Daryl Hall John Oates Rock'N Soul Live

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Daryl Hall John Oates Rock'n Soul Live (1983)
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Additional Information

Additional Information
Rock 'n Soul Part 1 (also titled Greatest Hits – Rock 'n Soul Part 1) is a greatest hits album by American musical duo Hall & Oates, credited as "Daryl Hall & John Oates" on the album cover. Released by RCA Records in October 1983, the album featured mostly hit singles recorded by the duo and released by RCA, as well as one single from the duo's period with Atlantic Records and two previously unreleased songs recorded earlier in the year (see 1983 in music).

Originally released on LP and cassette, with sides labeled "Side One" and "Side A,"[2] the album is currently available on the Compact Disc format by RCA and Legacy Recordings with two bonus tracks.


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