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Exit to Eden

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Exit to Eden (1994)

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Additional Information
The Walking Dead (1995)
Circle of Friends (1995)
To crack this case, these two cops will have to flash more than their badges.

Exit to Eden is a novel by Anne Rice, initially published in 1985 under the pen name Anne Rampling, but subsequently under Rice's name.
The novel explores the subject of BDSM in romance novel form. The novel also brought attention to Rice's published works that differed from the type of writing she was better known for (e.g. Interview with the Vampire), such as her Sleeping Beauty series under yet another pen name. Additionally, a film adaptation in 1994 differed greatly from the book, with a new major story line and several new characters added.
Each chapter in the novel is narrated in the first-person by either Lisa or Elliot; the narrator is announced at the head of each chapter.

Release Date: October 14, 1994

Distrib: Savoy

Boxoffice: $6,841,570 2013 Adj:$12,995,700

Trivia: This opened the same month as THE SPECIALIST. Why is that ironic?


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