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Madame Sin

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Madame Sin (1972)

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Additional Information
Even Doctor No would say "yes" to Madame Sin!

The first appearance of Bette Davis in a made-for-television film has an evil mastermind (Davis) plotting against a CIA agent (Robert Wagner) for control of a deadly submarine. Aired in 1971, Madame Sin was the most expensive TV movie of the time

The title character is a vicious villainess who commands a Thought Factory in the Scottish Highlands. Intent on achieving world domination, she kidnaps ex-CIA agent Anthony Lawrence and forces him to help her hijack a secret nuclear weapon, the Polaris submarine.

The film was originally a pilot for a weekly ABC series that failed to make the network's schedule. It was broadcast in the United States on January 15, 1972 and then released in other markets as a feature film.
Exteriors were filmed on location at Ascot, Berkshire; Mull, Argyll in Scotland; and Piccadilly in London. Interiors were shot at the Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire.

This VHS came in the very rare Key Video clamshell box.

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