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A Man Called Horse

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A Man Called Horse (1970)

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Rated PG
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A man called "Horse" becomes an Indian warrior in the most electrifying ritual ever seen!

The film is based on a short story, "A Man Called Horse", published in 1968 in the book Indian Country by Dorothy M. Johnson. Partially spoken in Sioux, the film tells the history of an English aristocrat, John Morgan, who is captured by a Native American tribe.
Initially enslaved and mocked by being treated as the animal of the title, Morgan comes to respect his captors' culture and gain their respect. He is aided in understanding the Sioux by a captive, Batise, the tribe's fool, who had tried to escape and was hamstrung behind one knee. When one of the warriors takes a vow never to retreat in battle, Morgan's changing perspective is shown, as he turns angrily on the uncomprehending Batise, telling him "Five years you've lived here, and you've learned nothing about these people – all his death is to you is a means of escape."
Determining that his only chance of freedom is to gain the respect of the tribe, he overcomes his repugnance and kills two warriors from another tribe, which allows him to claim warrior status. After his victory, he proposes marriage to one of the women with the horses taken in battle as dowry, and undergoes painful initiation rites, taking the native name "Horse" as his Sioux name. He becomes a respected member of the tribe and ultimately their leader.

Release Date: April 29, 1970 @ the Loews Astor, Manhattan

Distrib: National General


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