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The Man On The Roof

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VHS | N/A | Slipcase
110 mins (NTSC)
N/A | N/A | English
717119650735 | N/A
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Mannen På Taket (1977)

Additional Information

Additional Information
Detective story fans will be gripped.
by this realistic, human police thriller,different
from most of todays television police fantasies.

Politics and crime cross paths in this action drama in which the police are attempting to capture alive the murderer of a police official who grievously abused his power. The official was murdered in his hospital bed, and his murderer's identity is carefully uncovered by painstaking police work. However, before long the culprit announces himself in a bold way by shooting down every policeman he sees from his rooftop perch in Stockholm

Release Date: March 24 , 1977 @ the Plaza, Manhattan

Distrib: Cinema 5


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