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The Man From S.E.X.

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CHV 05
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Licensed to Love and Kill (1979)

Additional Information

Additional Information
He carries two .357 combat magnums and he's Licensed to kill. [Video Australia]

He's a winner in every game and zero is never beside his name he's Number One.

Release Date: 1979

Distrib Group 1 Films

A British spoof on spy films that came very late in the game after the slew of Bond copycats in the 60s/70s.

Trivia: Name these Bond copycats from the poster tagline:

A)Will spying ever be the same again?

B)It was going to be a lovely funeral. Harry Palmer just hoped it wouldn't be his..

c)Nothing can faze the world's deadliest and most dazzlingly female agent!

D)Follow his secret from bedroom to bedlam, with guns, girls and dynamite!

E)Introducing America's Playboy Hero!

F)He's not the world's greatest lover... but 8th place is not bad!

G)These are the women to put up a man's pulse rate - and stop it . . . stone dead!


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