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Neil Young in Berlin

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Neil Young in Berlin (1986)

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Additional Information
This is a 60-minute video recorded in Berlin at the last show of Neil Young's 1983 European tour. Young is accompanied by a seven-piece band that includes bassist Bruce Palmer, formerly of Buffalo Springfield, longtime sidemen such as Ben Keith, Ralph Molina (of Crazy Horse), and Joe Lala, and guitarist Nils Lofgren, who has played with Young off and on since After the Gold Rush. The 11-song set is a good summary of Young's career, from "Cinnamon Girl" to the then-current Trans. The synthesized vocals of that album, sung live here on songs like "Computer Age" and "Sample and Hold," remain an oddity, but are more acceptable within the context of a hard-rocking concert. Young, with short hair and dressed in new wave threads (including skinny tie), is engaged, and the show presents a strong performance. Young encores with the song "Berlin."


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