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Rosemary's Baby

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Rosemary's Baby (1968)

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Additional Information
Newlyweds Rosemary and Guy Woodhouse move into The Bramford, an old New York apartment building, which, they are told by their friend Hutch, has an infamous history. Shortly thereafter Terry, the ward of their intrusive next door neighbors, the Castevets, leaps to her death. Although Rosemary avoids Roman and Minnie, Guy, an ambitious television actor, enjoys Roman's flattery and spends his evenings with the old couple. When a rival actor is mysteriously blinded, Guy is awarded a choice part in a Broadway show. In celebration of his good fortune, Guy and Rosemary plan to conceive a child. Minnie presents Rosemary with an unappetizing dessert, which she eats out of politeness. Rosemary becomes dizzy, and Guy carries her to bed. Upon awakening, Rosemary remembers having intercourse with a rough beast before an elderly coven, but Guy assures her that the scratches on her body are the result of his drunken lovemaking. Finding herself pregnant, Rosemary consults Dr. Sapirstein, a noted obstetrician recommended by the Castevets. Instead of vitamins, Sapirstein prescribes a tonic concocted by Minnie. Alarmed by Rosemary's subsequent loss of weight and cramps, Hutch investigates Minnie's potion. Alarmed by his findings, Hutch arranges to meet Rosemary, but he falls into a coma and dies. At his funeral Rosemary receives his legacy, a book entitled All of Them Witches , from which she deduces that the name Roman Castevet is an anagram of the celebrated warlock, Steven Marcato. Certain that the Castevets, Guy, and Sapirstein have conspired to murder her unborn child, Rosemary seeks refuge with Dr. Hill, her former gynecologist, who betrays her to the conspirators. In her apartment, Rosemary is delivered of a son. When she asks to see the baby, Guy informs her that the boy was born dead. Having heard an infant crying in the next apartment, Rosemary arms herself with a butcher knife. In the Castevets' living room she discovers the coven and her son Adrian, the antichrist, nestled in a black basinet. Although Rosemary recoils at the sight, she hums him a lullaby.

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