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Savage (1973)

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Additional Information
en call him Savage, women call him all the time.

He's the baddest dude with the biggest gun.

On the streets or on the sheets, he's a SAVAGE!

He's more than a man. He's a death machine!

Filipino action specialist Cirio H. Santiago directed this low-budget adventure starring former baseball star James Iglehart (Beyond the Valley of the Dolls), who is kidnapped by South American rebels. After a time, he sees their position and is joined by a female commando squad in battling the repressive government officials. Genre regulars Carol Speed, Ken Metcalfe, and Vic Diaz co-star in one of numerous, interchangeable Philippine actioners from Santiago and Roger Corman's New World Pictures. Iglehart returned in Cesare Gallardo's cult favorite Bamboo Gods and Iron Men (which Santiago produced) the following year. ~


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