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Which Way is Up?

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94 mins (NTSC)
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Which Way is Up? (1977)

Additional Information

Additional Information
Leroy Jones is a poor orange picker. When Leroy accidentally g s to a demonstration staged by the worker's union, he gets laid off, and is forced to leave his wife and family behind so he can look for work in Los Angeles. When he d s find work, it is for the same company that let him go back home. Leroy becomes a manager, and falls in love with a labor organizer named Vanetta. Now Leroy finds himself splitting his time between Vanetta and his wife. After learning that the Reverend Lenox Thomas has impregnated his wife, Leroy decides to even the score and starts courting the reverend's wife.

Richard Pryor as "Rufus"..a Dirty Old Man. Richard Pryor as "Leroy" ...a Sex Starved Fruit Picker and Richard Pryor as "Reverend Thomas"...Who Found Heaven in a Women's Choir in....

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