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About Me

I've been collecting videos (VHS and β) in big boxes since I was in middle school.  I started out getting infamous horror movies (i.e. HG Lewis' movies, Zombie movies, etc) that happened to be in the big/porno boxes.  Then I just went after anything in big boxes.

I wound up (unintentionally) making the terrible combination of "OCD + ADHD + WWW + eBay" in the early 2000's so I have thousands.  There are probably 5 or less movies put out by Continental Video (that includes "affiliates" like Cinema KidVCL, Summit Int'l, Norstar, Virgin, Cinema Group, New Star, etc) to complete that collection.  Comet Video only released a handful of videos, so that part was easy.  I had a little war happen and wound up winning "Her Summer Vacation" over a decade ago.  I just like the boxes, so I have seen very few of my tapes.  I watched it a year or two after I got it and it was WELL worth the ridiculous price.  I like ThrillerVideo, U.S.A. Home Video, Wizard/Force, etc. too.

I've now moved on to the contemporary cousin of "big box" tapes in German hartboxes.  I have plenty that are for movies I don't really like (but I like most of them).  But they're so expensive since you usually have to order them from Europe and pay shipping and convert € or £ to $ that I try to only get ones with some kind of English option.



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