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The Cat's Meow

Catalog Number
VM 8095
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VHS | SP | Slipcase
112 mins (NTSC)
N/A | N/A | N/A
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Second Distributor
The Cat's Meow (2001)

Additional Information

Additional Information
There is a 24 minute featurette called "Sundance Channel Presents: Anatomy Of A Scene - The Cat's Meow" that appears after the movie but is not listed on the slipcase.

Trailers / Commercials:
24Hr Video Line
The Cat's Meow CD soundtrack
Lovely & Amazing (2001)
The Rules Of Attraction (2002)
Rare Birds (2001)
Lantana (2001)
Race To Space (2001)
Songcatcher (2000)

The full catalog #: PC A: VM 8095

The print dates on the tape spine are 7/9/02 and 5/10/02

Rated PG-13
Dolby Stereo
Closed Captioned


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