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The Great Gundown

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Savage Red Outlaw White (1974)

Additional Information

Additional Information
Vengeance crazed red man on the trail of a murderous wild bunch... destroyimg them as they destroyed his people.Also released under the titles El Salvejo, 40 Graves for 40 Guns, Savage Red, and Outlaw White, this western takes place in New Mexico when a group of outlaws are attacked by a force led by a man who is half Native American.

A man who has been killing for money decides to leave his gang and go home to his wife and son. His wife, who had believed her husband was long dead, wants nothing to do with him and he is now hunted by both sides of the law.

Release Date: March 1974 by Avco Embassy as Savage Red

August 4, 1977 by Sun Pictures as Great Gundown

Trailer (at the end):
Brady's Escape (1984)


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