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Little Miss Marker

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Little Miss Marker (1980)

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Additional Information
A wildly romantic comedy about a cookie, a bookie, and the kid they bet their hearts on.

Screenwriter Walter Bernstein made his directorial debut with Little Miss Marker, a re-make of the Damon Runyon story that has been filmed many times before (most notably as Little Miss Marker with Shirley Temple, Sorrowful Jones starring Bob Hope, and the Tony Curtis vehicle 40 Pounds of Trouble). Here the cute little moppet is played by Sara Stimson, with Walter Matthau as the kid's nemesis Sorrowful Jones. The story concerns the relationship between the two when Little Miss Marker is left with Sorrowful as a down payment for one of her father's bets. Jones is involved with Blackie (Tony Curtis), who's trying to open an undercover casino in a mansion owned by Amanda (Julie Andrews). Jones and the kid find themselves in a number of dangerous scrapes as they try to keep one step ahead of the law -- and of Blackie.

Release Date: March 21, 1980

Distrib: Universal

Boxoffice: $6,321,392 2013: $18,658,700

Trivia: Little Miss Marker was filmed a second time with a different title with one of the stars of the 1980 version in a different role. Name this film and the star they shared?

There have been a fewemakes that have changed their titles. Name these remakes and their original titles by the description:

A) This film from the 2000s was a remake of a remake. One of the 3 titles received a Best Picture nomination , and also shared the the title with another unrelated film. Name these 3 films and the main actor in each?

B) The 2000's remake listed above also shared a title with an unrelated film that itself was remade in the 80s under a different title. The actress in the remake has starred in one of the most successful musicals of all time. Name the film, its remaked title and the actress in each?

C) This remake, also from the 2000s, also was remade under 3 different titles. The remake of the original was released only 7 years after it and starred an actor whose biggest hit spawned 4 sequels, a tv series and a remake in the 2000s of which he had a small part. The star of the original film had his last role in a Johnny Depp film. Name the 3 titles and the main actor in each?

D) This film had 4 films, two of which shared the same title as the original and 2 others had titles with words of the originals' title. The last one starred an Oscar winning actress. Name the original film, the 3 remakes and the Oscar awinning actress in the final one?

E) This 80s remake was differently titled from its successful South American film. The remake starred an Oscar Winning Actor and Actress in a cleaned up version of the sexy original. The star of the original film has a niece that starred in one of the remakes in Question C. Name the 2 films, the actress in the original, the actors in the remake and the film the niece of the original starred in ?

F) This remake from the 90s starred an Oscar winning actor and an actor considered one of the best looking actors of his generation. The remake is of an original film with a different title from the 40s that itself had a 70s tv remake under its original title. Name the 90s remake, its 2 stars and the film it was remade from?


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