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Macon County Line

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Macon County Line (1974)

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Additional Information
Whatever you do, don't cross the Macon County Line.

Alan Vint and his brother Jesse form an agreeable duo, playing roistering brothers on a spree in Macon County, Georgia, in the '50s. They pick up a girl, fool around some, and run up against a redneck cop (Baer), who warns them on their way, then mistakenly goes on the rampage after them when he finds his wife raped and murdered. As the film moves from rompish comedy into something altogether darker, its moral tone becomes more overbearing, and the blood-spattered ending (the script is based on fact, but fails to prepare its ground adequately) seems to come from a different movie altogether.

While the poster advertising for the film included the tagline: “It shouldn't have happened. It couldn't have happened. But it did,” and the title card states that the film is a true story (and several reviewers have stated the same), director Richard Compton and producer Max Baer have pointed out that they wrote the original story themselves without any basis in actual events.[5][6] The film is one of several so-called “drive-in” films that were presented as true stories (1972’s Walking Tall and The Legend of Boggy Creek; 1973’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and 1976’s The Town That Dreaded Sundown) when most, if not all, of what was portrayed on screen was outright fiction.
Alan Vint and Jesse Vint, who played brothers Chris and Wayne Dixon onscreen, are brothers themselves.

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