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Squizzy Taylor

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Squizzy Taylor (1984)

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Additional Information
The Larrikin, The Lover, The Legend!

The mob wanted to make him a corpse... The public wanted to make him a hero.

Squizzy Taylor is a 1982 Australian drama film based on the life of Melbourne gangster, Squizzy Taylor, directed by Kevin James Dobson and starring David Atkins, Jackie Weaver and Alan Cassell.

Writer Roger Simpson had been researching the period since he helped adapt Power Without Glory (1976.) The filmmakers also used research done by Nigel Buesst for his film on Squizzy Taylor.[2]

The film was shot on location in Melbourne. Its critical and commercial response was limited.[3]

This Australian crime drama chronicles the life of notorious, keen witted, acid tongued 1920s Melbourne gangster Squizzy Taylor.


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