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American Pop

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American Pop (1981)

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Additional Information
The state of the art in living animation.

Release Date: February 13 , 1981

Distrib: Columbia Pictures

Boxoffice: $6,000,000

An ambitious animated film that flopped on its Valentine's Day release. It would later develop cult status-but nothing to compare to Bakshis FRITZ THE CAT.

This Columbia Home Video release had a popping , shiny silver slipcase-a far departure from their uniform red border slipcovers of the RCA?columbia releases.

Trivia: Name these Bakshi films from their poster taglines:

A) An epic fantasy of peace and magic.

B) Heroic, Fantasy Adventure!

C) There are two different worlds: The Real World and the Wacky, Animated World. Only one of them will survive.

D) It's animated, but it's not a cartoon. It's funny, but it's not a comedy. It's real. It's unreal. It's heavy.

E) WARNING: "This film offends everybody!"

F) Ralph Bakshi, creator of "Fritz the Cat" and "Heavy Traffic" brings you the outrageous '50s the way they really were.

G) Fantasy...beyond your imagination

Which film did Paramount produce but gave it to another company to realease because it was too controversial?

There was another Paramount release in the 70s that they also relinquished distribution because it was an R rated film that starred one of their top sitcom stars. Name the film and the star?

Which of Bakshis films had a sequel he did not direct?


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