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It Happened at Lakewood Manor (1977)

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Additional Information
The Picnic Is Ruined.

In this thriller directed by Robert Scheerer that will leave your skin crawling, a group of guests at a tony resort fall prey to a slew of malevolent ants with chemically poisoned bites. Expecting a weekend of luxurious self-indulgence, visitors at the ritzy Lakewood Manor soon discover they're the entrée of the day for an army of insects with an appetite for human flesh. This campy classic stars Suzanne Somers, Robert Foxworth and Myrna Loy.

It Happened at Lakewood Manor (also known by the titles Ants and Panic at Lakewood Manor)[1] is a 1977 television movie. The cast includes Lynda Day George, Suzanne Somers, Myrna Loy, Brian Dennehy and Bernie Casey.

During construction at the old, hard-pressed Lakewood Hotel, two workers stumble upon a swarm of ants in a closed section of the building. After discovering the unusually aggressive and dangerous ants, they attempt to get the warning out, but are accidentally buried alive.
Shortly after, the unscrupulous real estate magnate Anthony Fleming (Gerald Gordon) and his partner and mistress Gloria (Suzanne Somers) arrive at the hotel, there to haggle with the elderly proprietor, Ethel Adams (Myrna Loy), and her daughter Valerie (Lynda Day George) as they pursue plans to convert Lakewood into a casino.
In the meantime, foreman Mike Carr (Robert Foxworth), who is in a relationship with Valerie, and his co-worker and friend Vince (Bernie Casey) find the two missing men, but dead from poisoning. The ants begin to emerge, attacking a boy, then killing a hotel cook. They nearly kill Vince as he and Mike investigate the pit in which their men were buried.
Peggy Kenter (Anita Gillette), a Board of Health (BOH) inspector and an acquaintance of Carr's, decides to quarantine the hotel, thinking a virus is at work. But Mike soon discovers that there is an immense ant nest in the pit, and concludes that these insects are responsible for the attacks. Tom (Bruce French), a BOH researcher, finally discovers that the ants are highly poisonous and resistant to insecticides.
By that time, the ants are swarming the hotel by the millions, killing Gloria and Peggy's assistant White (Steve Franken) and driving Carr, Valerie, Ethel, Fleming, hotel employee Richard (Barry Van Dyke) and his girlfriend Linda (Karen Lamm) upstairs. Vince alerts the authorities, who attempt to contain the ants with a trench - filled first with water, then with burning gasoline after Tom points out that army ants cross streams on bridges built from ant corpses - and rescue most of the trapped people inside the hotel. Carr, Valerie and Fleming, the only people remaining, are eventually cornered by the ants; Tom tells them not to move, in order to give the ants no reason to attack them. As the ants begin crawling all over them, Fleming launches himself from the room's balcony into the swimming pool below, in a desperate attempt to escape, and dies in the fall. Shortly afterwards, two suited-up rescuers arrive and take Carr and Valerie to safety.
When they are taken away by the ambulance, Tom assures Carr that such a case will not likely be recurring, as the unique environmental conditions at the hotel estate were vital for the existence of the ants' nest.

Just prior to her Three's Company superstardom, Suzanne Somers played the lead in the made-for-TV meller It Happened at Lakewood Manor. Boiled down to basics, this is a rehash of Jaws, with ants (!) substituting for sharks (the film's video release title, in fact, was Ants). A summer resort full of special-guest-star tourists is besieged by battalions of killer ants. Robert Foxworth, Myrna Loy, Lynda Day George, Bernie Casey, Barry Van Dyke and Brian Dennehy are among those on the little critters' menu. First telecast December 2, 1977, It Happened at Lakewood Manor was subsequently retitled Panic at Lakewood Manor.

AIRDATE: December 2, 1977 on ABC

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