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The Assault

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De aanslag (1986)

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Additional Information
A man at war with his own past.

In January 1945, during the 2nd world-war, the Dutch resistance kills a collaborator in the street where the 12 year old Anton Steenwijk lives. The man was shot in front of his neighbors house, but is moved by them to the house of the family Steenwijk. Because of this, his father, mother and brother are killed by the Germans, and their house is set to fire. During his life, Anton meets several people that tell him more about what really happened on the night of the assault

Release Date: February 6, 1987 @ the Cinema II, Manhattan

Distrib: Cannon Films

Boxoffice: $512,403

Awards: Oscar winner Best Foreign Film

An intense movie from the Netherlands that won Best Foreign Language film at the Oscars.

Trivia: What did this Cannon Release accomplish that no other film in its library had done before?

The star of this film, Derek DeLint also starred in a romance in the 80s that has a connection to tvs The Sopranos show. Name the romantic film and its connection?


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