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Beyond and Back

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Beyond and Back (1978)

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Additional Information
Some will believe--others will not. DECIDE FOR YOURSELF!

They Went Into the Unknown and Returned With Startling Revelations About Life and Death

This Sunn Classics documentary and docudrama examines the nature of the soul and the question of life after death. Sunn is the company which brought In Search of Noah's Ark to the screen. The near-death experiences of resuscitated patients are dramatically re-enacted, and in the narration by Brad Crandall, it is revealed that the soul weighs a sizeable fraction of an ounce.

eyond And Back was produced by Sunn Classic Pictures, a Utah-based independent film company that specialized in releasing low-budget message movies to non-urban audiences. Along with such features as In Search of Historic Jesus (1979) and In Search of Noah's Ark (1976), the film was one of a series of releases from the company that attempted to present convincing scientific evidence for Christian theology.[citation needed]
Based in part on a book by evangelist Ralph Wilkerson, the idea for Beyond And Back was suggested to Sunn Pictures by a freelance writer who submitted a treatment for the film after reading about the film studio in Writer's Digest.[1] The film's screenwriter, Stephen Lord, was a respected television screenwriter, having written scripts for such notable sci-fi/horror programs as "Outer Limits" and "Kolchak: The Night Stalker." Directing chores went to James L. Conway, who had helmed Sunn's speculative fiction vehicle The Lincoln Conspiracy the previous year. The movie was filmed by cinematographer Henning Schellerup, a veteran of late '60s and early '70s porn films such as Come One, Come All (1970) and Heterosexualis (1973).

Release Date: Febryary 18, 1979

Distrib: Sunn Classics


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