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Big Bad Mama

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Big Bad Mama (1974)

Additional Information

Additional Information
Men, Money And Moonshine: When It Comes To Vice, Mama Knows Best.
Wilma gave her daughters everything - her looks, her lovers and the crime of their lives!
Hot Lead - Hot Cars - Hot Damn!

Big Bad Mama is a 1974 American film produced by Roger Corman, starring Angie Dickinson, William Shatner, and Tom Skerritt, with Susan Sennett and Robbie Lee. This film is about a mother, Wilma (played by Angie Dickinson), and her daughters, Polly (Robbie Lee) and Billie Jean (Susan Sennett), who go on a crime spree. After the mother unexpectantly falls in love with a bank robber it all ends with tragic consequences. Big Bad Mama was followed by a sequel, Big Bad Mama II, in 1987.

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