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The Big Fix

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The Big Fix (1978)

Additional Information

Additional Information
Richard Dreyfuss as Moses Wine, private detective. So go figure..

Release Date: October 6, 1978

Distrib: Universal

Box office: $13,062,708

THE BIG FIX was Richard Dreyfuss' first film before winning the Best Actor Oscar for THE GOODBYE GIRL from 1977.

While it did a respectable near $14,000,00 (equivalent to $45,000,000 today) at the box office, it was a far cry from the $50,000,000 that his previous film grossed. The poor showing kebashed a proposed franchise of Moses Wine films .

A few things hurt its chances of success. First it opened at virtually the same time as two other comic/mysteries- SOMEBODY KILLED HER HUSBAND and WHO IS KILLING THE GREAT CHEFS OF EUROPE?- thus thinning out its audience potential.

Second, New York's three main dailies-The Times. The Post and the Daily News were on strike. NY was a major source of income for movies. People relied on these papers to find which movies to see on the weekend and studios had full paged ads on Sunday and Fridays that drew them in. Much different than today's advertisements of movies on the internet.

Trivia: Which of the 3 Mystery comedies that opened that weekend did best at the box office?

Who is the youngest person to ever win the Best Actor Oscar?


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