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Birch Interval

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M 867
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Birch Interval (1976)

Additional Information

Additional Information
A town where a girl discovered all the things that make or break a heart.

BIRCH INTERVAL: The Summer Jennifer became a woman

A love story for everyone. From the producers of SOUNDER.

In Birch Interval Eddie Albert and Rip Torn, play Pa Strawacher and Thomas, a pair of Amish patriarchs. Susan McClung plays Jesse, an 11-year-old city girl who undergoes severe culture shock when she moves in with her Amish cousins. Told from McClung's point of view, the film concentrates on such fundamental values as love, faith and loyalty. Sophisticates may not be in step with the film's sentiments, but it is perfect family fare. Birch Interval was scripted by Joanna Crawford from her own novel.

Release Date: May 2, 1976 @ the 68th St Playhouse, Manhattan

Distrib: Gamma III

Gamma III , an independent company, tried to duplicate the enormous success of 1972s SOUNDER twice in 1976. First with this quiet little film and then what they thought would be a sure thing-PART 2: SOUNDER. They both did disastrous boxoffice.

Trivia: What in history would PART 2;SOUNDER be noted for?


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