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Blazing Stewardesses

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The Jet Set (1975)

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Additional Information
Out-Blazes "Blazing Saddles"

Eat Your Heart Out Mel Brooks!

This years mad mad world of sheer lunacy and complete insanity.

BLAZING STEWARDESSES features Adamson's wife, cult scream queen Regina Carrol, and Yvonne DeCarlo, best know as TV's Lily Munster. This broad comedy, the sequel to NAUGHTY STEWARDESSES, finds a planeful of oversexed airline attendants touching down on a ranch. Little do they know, however, about the masked bandit lurking in the sagebrush, who just might ruin their plans for some lusty fun

Release Date: June 1975

Distrib: Independent International

VidAmerica had a shortlived line of vhs releases under the title World's Worst Videos. This fits the bill.

Trivia: The legendary comedy team The Ritz Brothers would star in one more movie as a group together. Which film?


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