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Blood Song

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Blood Song (1982)

Additional Information

Additional Information
...the last song you will hear.

When he whistles this tune ... The time for killing begins

Blood Song, a horror/slasher film, tells the story of a young woman (Donna Wilkes) who witnesses the murder of a hospital attendant by a psychopath during his escape from a mental institution. The young, handicapped girl, who once was given a blood transfusion from the killer, now is his next intended victim. This is an unusual thriller, with an above-average cast including Antoinette Bower as the girl's mother and Richard Jaeckel as her father. Former teen idol, Frankie Avalon also shows up in a central role. This above-average horror thriller, also released as Dream Slayer is worth a look.

The film was given a limited release theatrically in the United States by Summa Vista Pictures in 1982. It was subsequently released on VHS by various companies including Coast-to-Coast Video.[1]
The film was released on DVD by BCI Entertainment as part of their Exploitation Cinema double feature line alongside the film Mausoleum.[2] This version is currently out of print.

Release Date: 1982

Distrib: Summa Vista

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