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Boulevard Nights

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Boulevard Nights (1979)

Additional Information

Additional Information
Two brothers ... the street was their playground and their battleground.

Everything happens on the boulevard - and the boulevard happens at night.

A young Latino tries to escape gang life with little luck.

Release Date: March 23 , 1979

Distrib: Warner Brothers

Of all the gang related films of 1979 this was the most realist portrait. Did very poorly at the boxoffice coming only one month after THE WARRIORS caused major controversy.

Trivia: Which of these groups of films, originally titled GANG, changed its title before its release so as not to cause controversy?

Who starred in it?

What made this film originally titled GANG different than all the other gang related movies of 1979?

Which major studio released 3 gang movies in 1979?

Name them?

Which of the 3 was most successful?


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