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Cocaine Cowboys

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VG 6120
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Cocaine Cowboys (1980)

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Additional Information
Rock 'n' Roll In The Fast Lane

Kilos, Killers and the Colombian Connection!

It'll Blow You Away!

Cocaine Cowboys is an odd, simply dreadful little film which tries to be chic and innovative but merely succeeds in being confusing and tiresome. The film purports to tell the story of a rock group that supports itself between gigs by selling cocaine. This side business gets them into trouble with the mob. The only performances of note are those of Jack Palance as a mobster and of Andy Warhol, who allowed the movie to be filmed at his Montauk home. Director Ulli Lommel, at the beginning of his career, acted with Rainer Werner Fassbinder's entourage and branched out to directing as well as performing. While some of Lommel's work is distinctive and accomplished, Cocaine Cowboys should be avoided by all except those with chronic insomnia.

Release Date: October 5, 1979

Distrib: International Harmony


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