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College Coeds

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The Student Teachers (1973)

Additional Information

Additional Information
They can teach you a lot ... Enter their course!

I can't resist the student body!

In this sexploitation film from Roger Corman's New World films, three buxom student teachers use alternative methods to instruct their handsome young students.

The Student Teachers is a 1973 film directed by Jonathan Kaplan. It was inspired by the "nurse" cycle of pictures starting with The Student Nurses (1970). Roger Corman says it was one of the best of the cycle

The lead was written for Patti Byrne who was in Kaplan's earlier Night Call Nurses but she did not commit and the role ended up being played by Susan Damante. Kaplan's sister Nora Helfin and mother Frances Heflin are in the cast and share a scene together. Chuck Norris makes his American debut in a small role.

Release Date: May 1973

Distrib: New World Pictures


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