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Dracula and Son

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Dracula And Son (1981)

Additional Information

Additional Information
Release Date : May 2, 1979

Distributor: Quartet Films

Many considered this a ripoff of the very popular LOVE AT FIRST BITE , a comedy spoof that premiered a month ahead of this. In actuality this French production was released in Europe in 1976-a full 3 years before.

Quartet distributed this in a rare wide release in late spring where it did little business in a dubbed under 80 minute version. People embraced it later as one of Christopher Lee's few comedic roles.

Goodtimes Video had licensing deals with many of the major studios to release LP vhs versions of library titles at bargain prices at such places as Suncoast Video, Sam Goody
Tower Records and supermarkets. The quality wasnt the best, but it was away to see some cool movies very cheaply.
Trivia: 1979 was dubbed the Summer of Horror, but the year could have also been named the Year of Dracula . Name these Dracula themed films:

1)This remake was of a version that the original author of the books widow tried to sue for copyright when it was released. Name this film and its director?

2)Not released in 1979 but this Dracula themed film starred one of the cast of Laugh In?

3)There was another subgenre that was popular in 1979 that saw no less than 6 films released . One of them caused a controversy. Name this genre and the controversial film?

4) A major studio release had to change its title before its release not to stir the same controversy. It starred a popular young seventies actor who had back to back hit movies in 176 and 1977. Name the movie, the actor and the films original title?


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